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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Shaw Method Swimming Course

Improve your swimming - or learn to swim - “from the inside out
We are delighted to offer for the first time, The Shaw Method Swimming course which will run between the 4th – 7th March.

Conventional approaches to teaching swimming focus perhaps too early on what the arms and legs should do. By using the Shaw Method, rather than starting to work on a whole stroke, you’ll discover how to connect to yourself and the water which will improve your balance, alignment and breathing. Rather than just getting instruction from the pool-side, you will be shown & then helped in the pool to experience what is required.
Having built your confidence - and feeling more comfortable with these fundamentals - you will then be guided progressively through the basic steps necessary to coordinate two swimming strokes: breaststroke and either back crawl or front crawl. You’ll learn how to glide through the water, how to generate power efficiently and, most of all, not to waste energy. Understand why it’s not recommended to actively breathe in: it disrupts the rhythm and flow of swimming. Cherish the vision of the path to swimming more enjoyably, creatively and sustainably and know what skills need developing and how to continue practising.
Our private heated swimming pool is the perfect, relaxing venue to gain confidence in the water. 
About the instructor
This course is run by Jonathan Drake. Jonathan is an experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique and Tai-chi, and author of three books on Alexander Technique. He is passionate about holistic approaches to improving fitness and well-being using Alexander Technique principles. These include running and walking, rowing, skiing and skating, and swimming. Swimming did not come easily to him & he felt cold and uncomfortable in water as a young person. This all began to change when he started having Alexander Technique lessons. In 1999 he met Steven Shaw, pioneer of the Art of Swimming and then the world of swimming, its joys and possibilities of connection to self and the water, began to open up to him. Jonathan has assisted Steven on Art of Swimming holidays in Iceland and at Champneys in the UK. He is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and a Swimming Teacher Association qualified teacher
For more details about this course, visit our website, Email lynne@norfolk-luxury-cottages.co.uk or Telephone (+44) 01328 823135


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